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An open forum for the indulgence of deviance.

Here is welcome openminded discussion of any and all topics regarding BDSM, from fetish fashion and art, to practical application, to the psychology of D/s, to the spirituality of BDSM.

Image posting is encouraged, as are event notifications, and accounts of your personal experiences and fantasies. Longer posts and oversized images are perfectly acceptable, but please use the lj-cut feature, especially for adult pictures and to keep from bombarding other users' friends lists.

This is not a place for unrelated posts, online quiz results, or excessive cross-posting. You will be banned if you persist in any of the above.

Note: you will also be removed if you insist on slandering another person. Keep your personal drama personal! The exception to this is convicted sex offenders, which you are doing the BDSM community a service to warn about.